Title Notice for JR WORLD CUSTUDY Members
Writer Admin Date 2021-08-23 13:53:39

1. Changing the Referential Bonus Payment Ratio
Currently, the overall payment rate of the Referral Bonus, which is received after customization on the Select Asset platform, will be increased by 300%.
The uptrend Reference Bonus payment ratio will remain until the opening beta launch of "JRWORLD" and will be applied with the same structure as the current bonus payment system after the opening beta launch of "JRWORLD".

2. Pre-launch guide for the "JR Coms" app
JR Comms, a communication app that connects Metabus "JRWORLD" and Real World in real time, will be released prior to the "JRWORLD" open beta launch for user experience and convenience. "JR Coms" supports functions such as cryptocurrency wallets, transactions of digital content assets (NFTs), and investments in addition to key communication functions that are private before the app's launch.

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