Title This is a guide for Lux OTC's application for cryptocurrency listing.
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Lux OTC's notice of application for cryptocurrency listing.

The global P2P cryptocurrency exchange "LUXOTC" is listing cryptocurrencies with stable value ecosystem and technical grounds. Companies and foundations wishing to list cryptocurrency in "LUXOTC" please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address with documents necessary for listing review and analysis.
"LUXOTC" will review the submitted documents and proceed with the listing process according to the results. (If the documents are listed, they will be kept in "LUXOTC", and if the listing is not registered, all documents will be discarded without returning them.)

*Submission documents when applying for listing
(If you don't have this document, you won't have to submit it, but you may be rejected during the listing screening.)
• White paper, homepage address, sns address
• A consent form for listing regulations and a technical information statement
• Documents that can prove the establishment and registration of the issuing company or foundation (certificate of registration)
• List of shareholders of the issuing company or foundation

email. [email protected]

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