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2023-04-20 New Freeze User Accounts View
2023-04-20 New Listing Line Pub Tokens View
2023-04-20 New The "STP" token is Listed. View
2023-04-20 New Toriverse Token MAM is listed. View
2020-09-03 New Introduction LUXOTC(KOR) View

Top 5 Trades

Coin Price Quantity Buy / Sell
STP 13.00 KRW/STP 52,000 ~ 52,000 KRW Buy
STP 13.00 KRW/STP 220 ~ 1,141,140 KRW Buy
STP 13.00 KRW/STP 1,625,000 ~ 1,625,000 KRW Buy
STP 13.00 KRW/STP 964,600 ~ 964,600 KRW Sell
STP 13.00 KRW/STP 4,446,000 ~ 4,446,000 KRW Buy

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